Audio Visual Download Instructions

Be sure to verify your presentation time and length prior to the meeting. Keep in mind, times can still change, so please be in the meeting room at the beginning of the session in which you are participating.  

To keep the Scientific Program on schedule, personal laptops will not be used for presentations. All presentations will be pre-loaded onto a master PC prior to the meeting.  To accomplish this, itis required that you submit your audiovisual presentation(s) prior to the Annual Meeting. Please email your presentation to [email protected]. Your presentation should be received no later than February 7, 2019. The presentation should also be compatible with PowerPoint 2007.    

Remember the first or second slide of your PowerPoint presentation should include your disclosure information and bring a backup copy of your presentation on a flash drive or CD 

The Speaker Ready Area is available during the meeting.  All updated presentations must be loaded no later than 6:30 am for the Basic Science & Clinical Research Session and 12:00 pm for the Clinical Research Sessions or bring it directly to the audiovisual staff at the back of the meeting room.  

For loading your presentation onsite, please follow the instructions posted in the Speaker Ready Area.  Also, if you encounter a problem or need assistance, contact numbers for the audio-visual staff will be included on the Instruction Sheet.  They are available throughout the conference. 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Heather Skinner at [email protected]